Apuglia Puglia Olive Groves
Apuglia Puglian Olive Groves
Apuglia Puglian Olive Groves
Plant Milestone Trees, Memory Olive Trees In Puglia Italy & Sicily

Frantoio Principe Paviro
Region of Apuglia, Italy

Puglia, a southern region forming the heel of Italy’s “boot,” is known for its whitewashed hill towns, centuries-old farmland and hundreds of kilometers of Mediterranean coastline. Capital Bari is a vibrant port and university town, while Lecce is known as “Florence of the South” for its baroque architecture. Alberobello and the Itria Valley are home to “trulli,” stone huts with distinctive conical roofs.

The olive grove is located in Torremaggiore, and is cared for by the Frantoio Principe Paviro company. They plant "PERANZANA", which is a variety of olive single varietal that is grown in a particular area of the Alto Tavoliere of Puglia, and precisely in the agri of Torremaggiore, San Paolo di Civitate, San Severo.

Puglia is known as the Italian region with the highest vocation oil thanks to the conformation of its territory, mostly flat and the climate temperature.

The derivatives of the olives "Peranzana" are of the highest quality, the fruits suitable for direct consumption in the purity or processed, are excellent as a side dish and suitable to be accompanied in many culinary preparations, the oil is extra virgin olive oil and is great for taste and value.

The mill Prince uses the more sophisticated ALFA LAVAL. The result is a superior quality oil, fruity with hints of almond, tomato and artichoke, with notes tending to bitter but pleasant and spicy with a harmonious taste and full.

In addition to your purchase of an olive tree, a donation will made to FAI - Fondo Ambiente of Italy in your recipient's name.

Plant Milestone Trees, Memory Olive Trees In Puglia Italy & Sicily
Plant Milestone Trees, Memory Olive Trees In Puglia Italy

Plant an Olive Tree in Puglia, Italy

Since 2012, Olive Tree Memorial has planted Olive Trees all over Sicily and in 2021 will we be planting in Italy. Let us reconnect you with your Italian & Sicilian Roots!

Your recipient will recognize and appreciate the thoughtful caring nature of this magnificent Italian gift olive tree planted in their ancestral homeland.

Your gift of a donation of an olive tree in Apulgia back to Italy is, for many people, a completion of the circle of life started by a loved one who immigrated to America seeking a better life. Our trees are planted as part of a beautification project in Italy in groves that we have selected with careful consideration. They are tended by generations of family farmers whose passion is the magnificent olive tree "The Tree of Life".

The tree will be planted in your name or in the name of a family, friend, loved one or to celebrate a milestone. Think of it … a return to the ancestral homeland. Your sponsorship of $229.95 plus shipping of the certificate is a one time cost that covers the purchase, planting, and maintenance of a wonderful and symbolic olive tree. It will forever remain in their name, unlike other memorial trees that are adopted for short lengths of time.

When you sponsor the purchases of a tree, you will receive a beautiful certificate of authenticity. If traveling to Italy you the ability to locate your tree in one of several locations to arrange a visit in Puglia through our Italian partners.