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Our Guarantee
Olive Tree Memorial offers a "100% money back guarantee." If you are not satisfied for any reason return the certificate package to us within 10 business days. We will cheerfully return the full purchase price (less USPS shipping). Read more at our Terms of ServiceTerms subject to change without notice.

Contacting Us
If you have comments or questions about any of our policies or our website, please contact us to speak to a real person and the founder, Christine Leone.
Office hours Monday through Saturday. (10am - 4pm EST). 603 686 4359

Mailing address:
Olive Tree Memorial - American Office
c/o Christine Leone
24 Robinson Court
Fremont, NH 03044

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I plant an Olive Tree Memorial?
We are the only olive tree planting program that exclusively plants in Italy and Sicily and offers the opportunity to visit your tree. Unlike other tree planting programs, that offer "Adoption Tree Packages" for a limited time, with our program, you OWN THE OLIVE TREE FOR LIFE, to be handed down for generations to come.

Your gift of a donation of an olive tree back to Sicily & Italy is, for many people, a completion of the circle of life started by a loved one who immigrated to America seeking a better life. Now, you are memorializing that sacrifice by sponsoring the planting of a partially grown olive tree into the warm and fertile Italian soil. Your sponsorship is a one time cost that covers the purchase, planting, and maintenance of a wonderful and symbolic olive tree.

Looking for a unique greener gift that is sustainable?
Plant olive trees to celebrate: birthdays, holidays, employee recognition, anniversaries, new births, graduations and more. Perfect last-minute gift for any occasion. The tree will be sponsored in your name or in the name of a family, friend, or loved one. Think of it … as a return to the ancestral homeland.

Where are the olive trees planted?
Our Olive Tree are planted on exclusive private estates, agriturismo land, and small olive oil producers within Italy & Sicily, as part of a beautification and conservation programs. The trees are planted in areas where they will flourish, as determined by the planters. Locations subject to change without notice. Please contact us when planning your visit. We will provide you a tree marker/map and assist you contacting the grove when you travel to Italy or Sicily. We can also provide assistance for accomidations and points of interest during your visit in Italy.

When are the olive trees planted?
Olive Tree Memorials are planted during peak growing times of spring and fall. Exact planting times are being scheduled each season. Typically, Spring plantings (May) are for orders placed Novemember through April. Fall plantings (October Italian Heritage Month) are for orders placed May through September. Dates are subject to change without notice and are dependant on weather environmental conditions and subject to growing conditions. Please allow 1 year prior to planning a visit to allow the young plant to thrive.

Can I visit my olive tree?
We would love to assist you with a visitation. The olive trees planted are young appoximately 30 cm high and require time and seasonal changes to adjust to their new setting. They will planted and marked in their natural setting. Prior arrangements need to be made for visitation, please contact us up to 3 months prior for some groves and we will be happy assist with this visit on your trip to Italy or Sicily.

Can I order a specific species of olive trees?
We let the experts decide on the olive species application for each project. Only indigenous olive trees, which thrive in the country/province for which they are utilized, will be planted.

Do you accept international orders?
No, we have discontunued international shipping due to costs and service interruptions.

Our Philanthropic Partnerships
What is FAI? We have choosen FAI - Fondo Ambiente Italia for our Italian charity. Since 1975, FAI - Fondo Ambiente Italiano, The National Trust for Italy, restores and takes care of historical and special places in Italy so that present and future generations from all over the world may enjoy a priceless legacy.
They are a non-profit foundation and their main goal is to protect Italian places promoting their knowledge, care and conservation. They take care of 64 special places in Italy and 31 of them are open to public and can be visited individually or in groups. Their properties are all places to experience, ideal starting points to discover and enjoy the traditions and beauties of Italy.

They offer a wide range of experiences that combine food, wine and art, thematic visit with botanical and art experts or archeologists as well as laboratories for children and family activities.

What is the Sicilian Project?
10% of the purchase of an Olive Tree Memorial goes to The Sicilian Project. a very special initiative. The Sicilian Project is a 501-C3 tax exempt organization that raises money from people throughout the United States and then issues academic grants in Sicily in order to teach students how to speak, think and write the English language. Fluency in English for students will help then find good jobs and help stem the flight of these young, intelligent yet unemployed grads out of Sicily. they are Sicily's must valuable asset, and we must help them! The mission of the Sicilian Project is to encourage English-language training for students, primary through elementary & high school, in Sicily. Learn more at: The Sicilian Project.

Do you offer quantity or Military discounts?
Contact us for coupon codes as we run seasonal specials. An order of 3 or more olive trees will be discounted upon request and subject to availability.